How do you access the mBox service?

The easiest way to get your access to an mBox station is by ordering your mBox access online from mShop, the Verkéiersverbond’s online one-stop shop, and then charge it onto your mKaart at one of the many Pick-up stations.

By using mKaart, the Verkéiersverbond’s multi-purpose card, you can have with you all your public transport tickets as well as your personal key to access the various mBox bike parks.

Furthermore, you can also get your mBox application form from one of our mobility centres (Mobilitéitszentral) or from an authorized bus (AVL), train (CFL) or tramway (TICE) ticket office.

To gain access, you’ll have to pay a €20 deposit. The mBox service is free of charge and there are no extra costs for using it.

Where can you find an mBox?

At present there are 7 mBox bike parks at 6 locations:

- Bettembourg, Railway station
- Dudelange, Railway station
- Luxembourg, Central railway station (2 mBoxes)
- Mersch, Railway station
- Noertzange, Railway station (2 mBoxes)
- Roodt/Syre, Railway station
- Wasserbillig, Railway station

The following map shows you every current mBox bike park in Luxembourg. By clicking on an mBox-symbol, you'll get a pop up window with detailed information on the location and the capacity:

Further mBox stations are planned and are being built. The mBox concept is available to any private, institutional or municipal client.

Get the Verkéiersverbond to certify your building project and it will be possible for you to then manage access to your mBox through the unified mKaart system.

For more information, please visit

mBox: secure bike parks, certified by the Verkéiersverbond

An mBox is a secure area that has been certified by the Verkéiersverbond. For the most part, these bike parks are located and shall be located immediately next to public transport hubs to make it easy to switch from using a bike to taking the bus or train.

Use your bike, especially for short or medium journeys, to get from home to a bus stop or railway station when you go to work. If you use the mBox system, you can park your bicycle overnight or during the day with complete peace of mind. As a subscriber, you can access the mBox whenever you want.

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