Frequently Asked Questions: mShop

What does it cost to create an mShop account?

Nothing! You can create an mShop account for free!.

Do I need an mKaart in order to create an mShop account?

No. You can create an mShop account without already possessing an mKaart.

Where do I get my mKaart ?

You can get your mKaart at one of our official selling points:

- CFL: at the railway stations of Luxembourg and Belval/University

How do I buy a product in the mShop?

In order to buy a product, you need to register an mKaart with your account.
After the registration, you can select a product under "Order new product" in your card management and it will be added to your shopping cart.
Finally, you can pay comfortably and safely with your debit or credit card, by clicking on "Checkout" in your shopping cart.

How do I get the product I bought in the mShop?

You’ll have to wait until 4 am the following day.
You can then load your purchased product onto your mKaart at one of our ticket validating machines, marked as a Pick Up station (you can find them on the buses, on any station platform and at several bus stops).
To get your product, all you have to do is present your mKaart to a vending station / ticket validating machine in front of the "m"-marked area.

What can I do, if there is no product being loaded to the mKaart?

In that case, please either call us at +352 2465 2465 or write us an email to
It is important to tell us your mShop-username and the card number written on the mKaart.

How can I be sure that your website is secured for online payments?

Our partner Six Payment Service secures the payment system.
Please check their website for more details.

Can I block my mKaart?

Yes. You can either call us at +352 2465 2465 or write us a message by using our contact form and we'll immediately block your mKaart.

Can I delete my account?

Yes. Under "Edit Profile", please select "Close account" and follow further instructions.

How do I change my password?

Under "Edit Profile", please select "Change password" and follow further instructions.