Pick up your ticket!

You've just purchased a product online through the mShop; however, it doesn’t get automatically loaded onto your mKaart. You’ll have to wait until 4 am the following day and then go to a validating machine to “pick up” your ticket(s).


1 - Press the “Pick Up” icon PickUp_kl on the touch screen.
2 - Place your mKaart over the MZ_magenta under the touch screen.
3 - Hold your mKaart over the screen until your products are loaded.
4 - If the Pick Up has worked you’ll see a icon.
5 - If the Pick Up has failed you’ll see a X icon and you’ll have to start again.

Please note! When you “pick up” your tickets, they have not yet been validated! Don’t forget to validate your tickets before you travel by swiping them across the validating machine!

Should your mKaart get lost or stolen, you can either call us on +352 2465 2465 or write to us using our contact form and we'll immediately block your mKaart.